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Welcome in the official page of the oldest famous demogroup PARADOX

The history of the CPC Scene
AMTRAD CPC Emulators
The CPC scene LINK
The FTP Download
The history of the CPC Scene
The CPC m@iling-list
What's news for me



cpc_3.jpg (22089 octets) One of my firt demo on CPC
The bebetter DEMO


cpc_1.jpg (21911 octets) The first demo of PARADOX
called paradox demo
cpc_2.jpg (32160 octets)

The Great PARADISE demo from PARADOX

disk A

disk B

cpc_4.jpg (27058 octets) The BYTE 96

My last demo on CPC coded
for the byte 96 meeting party

in duo with Tom&Jerry from GPA

on this you can see 46 split-rasters